About statkat
Statkat is an online support system for students who are following a course in statistics. Statkat helps students to master commonly used statistical methods like $t$ tests, ANOVA, and regression analysis. The content of Statkat is based on ten years of experience in doing statistical research and teaching statistical methods in the applied sciences, and consists of five main parts:

  1. Methods wiki. Statkat's wiki environment provides structured information about many statistical methods. The information is presented in a concise and consistent way, hereby minimizing reading time and allowing easy comparison of different methods.
  2. Methods comparison tool. Statkat's methods comparison tool provides overview tables of statistical methods and their properties, and the opportunity to compare different methods with one another property by property. Comparing methods in this way provides great insight into their differences and similarities.
  3. Method selection tool. Choosing between all the different statistical methods available is often considered a difficult task. Statkat's method selection tool helps to find an appropriate statistical method given the type of data collected and the research question of interest.
  4. Method selection table. The method selection table gives an extensive overview of which method is appropriate for which type of variables.
  5. Practice questions. Mastering statistics requires practice. Statkat provides a large collection of practice questions for many statistical methods, together with hints and often extensive explanations on request. The questions are a good preparation for the exam and allow active learning of the course material.
Together, the wiki pages, the comparison and selection tools, and the practice questions provide a powerful support system for students who are learning statistics.

Website developer:
Dr. Rivka M. de Vries