Interactive graphs

Statkat's interactive graphs provide great inside into several statistical techniques. They can be utilized by students during self-studying or by teachers during lectures. Topics currently available are:

bernoulli distribution
Bernoulli distribution
binomial distribution
Binomial distribution
p Value binomial test for a single proportion
Exact p value sign test
Normal distribution / z distribution
Area under the normal distribution
p Value from z value
Critical value z* given significance level alpha
t distribution
p Value from t value
Critical value t* given significance level alpha
Chi squared distribution
p Value from Χ2 value
Critical value Χ2* given significance level alpha
F distribution
p Value from F value
Critical value F* given significance level alpha
Regression analysis (OLS)
Regression equation with one independent variable
Regression equation with two independent variables
Regression equation with moderation effect
Regression equation with one categorical independent variable - two groups
Regression equation with one categorical independent variable - three groups